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Mark & Estel F/W 2015 Show and Interview

At the intersection between fashion and rock, you will find Mark & Estel. This dynamic duo of designers are known for showcasing a sexy, visually stimulating Collection topped off with an energizing musical performance. This season's collection was called Stairway to the Stars and we had the pleasure of attending their show and performance.

Read our interview with Mark and Estel below to understand how their unique creative design process and the role of music in their fashion.

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?
There was never just one moment. We were both always passionate about expressing ourselves through different art forms--be that music, art, or fashion. Sketching here and there as a child, and going through the fashion fads as teens. When we connected, we just knew that this was one form of expression we wanted to pursue professionally.
How would you describe your brand?
Mark and Estel as a brand is best described as a music and fashion lifestyle. The collections you perceive would not be the same with out the music, which inspired them, and vice versa. Mark and Estel is a brand built on unleashing your inner rockstar!
How has your work evolved since you began your own label?
In the beginning, we started out sewing t-shirts from a studio apartment in Hollywood. Since then, we have grown in all aspects. We now carry both a knitwear line and a ready-to-wear collection, including an expansion of our signature fashion tees and flowing gowns, alongside tailored jackets and separates.
What advice would you give to young designers?
We would like to tell all young designers to never give up. There will be some times when you are turned away, but do not let that discourage you. Let it drive you. If you are passionate about your work, and continue to build and work hard for what you love, the rest will fall into place.
What is your favorite design from your collection this season and why?
We would have to say that the red cape dress is one of our favorites, because we took a very classic look--the cape--and revamped it into a modern dress silhouette that extenuates the waist and hugs all the right curves.
If you were to design a dress specifically for one person, who would it be and why?
We would be thrilled to design a dress for Madonna. She's the ultimate fashion rockstar. She exudes the kind of energy we design for--being confident in your own skin, and an overall empowering woman. It would be an honor to design for her.
Your designs are stunningly beautiful and fresh! What are some materials and techniques you used that are unique for the Fall/Winter Collection?
The Fall/Winter 2015 Stairway to the Stars collection is unique in that this was the first time we have incorporated our own prints. Each print has been uniquely designed. We wanted to emphasis each print by showcasing them in unexpected ways such as a herringbone or plaid motif on lace. With that, we also mixed in different contrasting textures like silk chiffon, wool, and velvet for a full effect.
What are your inspirations in creating your designs?
Our designs are strongly inspired by our music. We begin with creating our song first, and then we immerse ourselves in the music in order to capture the mood, and embody that mood in a visual form through our collections.
Who did you have in mind as the ideal recipient of your designs?
Our ideal recipient would be women whose desire is to feel confident, sexy, and comfortable all at the same time. She wants to feel like she's running around in sweat pants all day without having to actually run around in sweat pants.
You just finished your showcase at NYFW. Can you give us a sneak peek into what you have in store for the next season?
For the next season we envision... you will be seeing more Mark and Estel prints to come. And, you can expect some of our signature silhouettes to return, as well as some new surprising ones.

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