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Karl Lagerfeld The Force of The Fashion World

By Victoria Ruiz


One should not only know the brand but also the mastermind in charge for making the House of Chanel successful. As Karl Lagerfeld once said, “You know if you come and ask me ‘I want to be chic.’ There’s little hope to become chic. Because there are peasants in the country who are beyond chic in their poor rags and very rich women who are not chic in the most expensive dress.” To understand the depth of something completely one must know who is the genius behind every great idea.

Karl Lagerfeld was born in Hamburg, Germany and was born in 1933. Early on Karl was interested in fashion, he even analyzed with detail and criticized the other students outfits for school. The fourteen year old moved to Paris feeling a future of fashion ahead of him. He went to Paris knowing he was meant for greatness and when you know your meant for greatness, you risk it all.

Within just two short years he ended up winning first place in the coat category of a design competition, where he met another winner who was named Yves Saint Laurent who would soon become a close friends of Karl’s. After winning the competition he started working on haute couture collections at Pierre Balmain, soon after he had full time work there. In 1967 he joined the Italian fashion House of Fendi and a decade later the French fashion House of Chloé in which he revived them both. One of his motivations was to work harder than others to show them how powerful and successful he could become.

By the 1980s Karl was a huge star in the fashion industry. Karl Lagerfeld joined Chanel in 1983 and saved the House of Chanel, which was considered an almost dead brand. In 1984 he launched his own name Karl Lagerfeld. He’s known as Kaiser Karl meaning Emperor Karl because let’s face it he is an emperor. Currently he is creative director at the most iconic fashion house Chanel, the House of Fendi, and his own labelKarl Lagerfeld. Karl’s talents have revolutionized the fashion industry, without him none of these iconic brands would have come to be.

Overall this icon has evolved the fashion world and has made us see new creations that no one has ever seen before. His ideas and designs are still alive and will be alive forever. He’s proved that appearances do matter because it’s a reflection of who you are. From the beginning he knew he was meant for fashion and in the end he became fashion.


Victoria Ruiz is a fashion blogger who's interest in fashion came at a very early age due to all her travels around the world. The culture and experience she received traveling to all those places made her interest in the fashion industry grow more and more everyday. She began researching about fashion and reading many books to help her gain knowledge about the industry. In May of 2014, Victoria Ruiz started her own blog which would end up being named Unedited Society. You can connect with Victoria on social media: Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest.

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