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Model Spotlight: Cato Van Ee

By Ashley Wright

There is only one Cato van Ee, but the world will yearn for more models like her once they get a glimpse of this Dutch model. A top model in every way from her appearance to her professionalism to the excellence she exhibits day in and day out! FVM caught up with the stunning blonde with luscious lips and fun filled personality. With Cato in our lives, the world is one happy place!
What are your favourite hangout spots in New York?
Currently, I'm living in New York, where I have a couple of places I always love going to. For brunch, Cafe Gitane, for some delicious avocado toast and SoHo people watching. For dinner, I like Goat Town very much.  It's in the East Village and that is a great area to go bar hopping!
1598915_1394882037434714_686279432_n Other than Amsterdam and New York, where have you had the most fun living?
Stockholm! I have never actually lived there, but I've been there a lot for work and I could see myself really love living here. Of course, if it is endless summer.
Where's the most picturesque place you've done a photo shoot?
Peru.  The people, the nature, the culture.  I feel very lucky that I had the opportunity to travel and work there.
Looking back, which shoot/editorial do you think showed you perfectly?
A couple months back I did a shoot for Maison Scotch (Scotch & Soda) without any make-up and I was just able to be myself and do whatever I was in the mood for. It was so much fun! The pictures are really of "me" instead of a "model." I'm very happy with the result!
Looking forward, what is your dream shoot/editorial/gig? Please feel free to be as creative and specific as you'd like.
I have never been to India, but it would be an absolute dream shoot for me. I just imagine beautiful light and lots of bright colors. I'm still hoping for the chance to go out there!


Who is your closest friend in the industry? How often do you get to work with her?

Cicely Telman.  She's also a model at my agency, Paparazzi Models. We don't work often together, but we see each other in Amsterdam all the time and speak on the phone as much as possible!
When you have some free time from work, who do you spend that time with?
With my boyfriend, close friends, and family!
What's your idea of a perfect date?
Going out into nature by car, boat, hike, bike, you name it; and then just enjoy your surroundings with a nice picnic and some drinks.
10598649_611989078922137_974720974_n What approach should a guy use that will grab your attention?
I love guys with a good sense of humor; most important: don't take yourself too seriously!
It's always best to be "at the right place at the right time." Where should a guy go to meet a girl like you?
Probably an airport.  That's where I spend most of my time!
Many people think that models live extraordinary lives, but they enjoy normal things like everyone. What are some of your everyday hobbies?
I enjoy walking and biking around, exploring the cities I visit. I love cooking and spending time with my friends, playing cards, or any types of games!
Can you share any nutrition and fitness tips?
Start your day with 2 glasses of water--it's a kick-start to your body, a small boost for your metabolism.  And fitness, well, walk or bike to work, and take the stairs wherever you can!
Can you share any beauty secrets for the everyday woman?
I use 100% Argan Oil as a moisturizer. I have very dry skin and, with this. my skin is always hydrated!
53531d5cf6a011e2b48222000a9f1915_7 Do you play any sports?
Yes, I regularly go to pilates and yoga classes.
We heard you were discovered at a hair salon at 15. Can you describe how you made the decision to pursue such a career at such a young age? Was it a difficult decision?
Yes, I was discovered at 15, but didn't really start my career until I was 18. I'm very happy that I waited and finished my high school. I had some time to be a kid, because when you start working in this business, there's no time just for play--it is actually work!
If you weren't a model, what would you want to do?
I would have gone to university and study psychology.
Who or what inspires you the most?
My mother, father, and sister. They are the smartest, bravest, and loving people I know. Every time I'm with one of them, I learn so much. I'm very grateful to come from such an amazing family.
How do you prepare mentally for a shoot?
I just go with the flow.  You never know what to expect, so I just see at the moment itself what is going to happen!
924907_269170999916468_905434705_n Can you describe what was going through your mind during your first shoot?
Why is everyone staring at me?
Fashion is all about creativity and identifying trends before they become trends. What do you think the next big thing in fashion will be?
Trashbags as dresses. Oh yes, so very Derelicte.
What are some things your fans may not know about you that they would find surprising?
I love mini things! For example, the supermarket had a collection of all their products in mini version.  When that came out, I was obsessed and needed to have them all!
Photo Credits: Cato van Ee


Ashley Wright is a Junior Editor with FVM.

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