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Model Spotlight: Charlotte Burgon

By Ashley Wright

If you don't know Charlotte Burgon by now, you've been missing out! Luckily for you, we recently caught up with Charlotte during the crazy spring/summer fashion season, so that you can get back on track! This 5'11, brown hair, blue eyed, British model has been on our radar for a while and she has yet to disappoint. Her baby face, cute cheek bones, and strong jaw makes up only a portion of this great beauty. Don't get us started on those eyes that tell a love story every time you look at them. We have every confidence in the world that Charlotte will make a tremendous mark on the fashion world. This is your chance to join us on this wonderful journey that Charlotte is about to take us on. Space is limited and if you aren't on this ride, you will be left behind once again!
Where do you currently call home?
I'm currently staying in the East Village in New York City, but my home in the UK is Hertfordshire!
Besides your birthplace, where have you had the most fun living?
I'm really loving living in New York, but I like living between here and London, because I go from hanging out with my model friends here and seeing friends from school at home, too.
1941266_1474945726101969_1268639822_n Where's the most picturesque place you've done a photo shoot?
I think the most amazing place I've done a photo shoot was filming the Diesel Only The Brave Wild commercial in South Beach, Miami. Where we were filming, you could see the beach in the distance and we saw the sunset.  I don't think I've ever seen anything like it and the photos I took on my phone couldn't do it justice.
Which shoot/editorial do you think showed you perfectly?
I did a recent test shoot with William Lords when I was here in NYC last; and the clothes were cool, black, and edgy and the vibe for the shoot was moody and Saint Laurent inspired.
10623961_680049405396665_211272761_n When you have some free time from work, who do you spend that time with?
In New York, I hang out with my roommates Ingrid Williams and Alex Elizabeth, from my agency.
Many people think that models live extraordinary lives, but they enjoy normal things like everyone. What are some of your everyday hobbies?
One is catching up with my TV on Netflix.  I'm watching the whole of Desperate Housewives and I'm finishing up 24. I also love going out for really good food once in a while with friends from school when I'm in London.
1168956_1411621935737924_1546258774_n Can you share any nutrition and fitness tips?
I go running everyday in the evening when it's a little cooler and I try to do it everyday even when I have a busy day. I can't sleep knowing that I haven't been for a run! I also like to walk to my castings when I'm in New York, because it's so sunny right now and you can walk everywhere in the city--it doesn't take ages!
Can you share any beauty secrets for the everyday woman?
I have a Dermalogica skin routine that I do twice a day, which I highly recommend. I also have the essentials like Paw Paw ointment, Bumble & Bumble salt spray, Embryolisse moisturiser, which I always carry with me; and the make-up essentials for me, which are eyelash curlers, MAC zoom fast black lash mascara, MAC clear brow set, MAC eyebrow pencil in lingering, MAC prep & prime skin base visage, and the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser in blush! Finished off with MAC lipstick in Blankety and CK One as my favourite fragrance!
10453951_732189880176986_647840379_n How were you discovered?
I was scouted at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, England in 2009 by my mother agency Select Models!
If you weren't a model, what would you want to do?
I'd want to train to become cabin crew for an airline, as I love travelling the world and seeing new places! I'd also be following my mom's footsteps, as she used to work for Virgin Atlantic when I was a baby.
Who or what inspires you the most?
I'd have to say my mom and my grandparents, as they've always motivated me to do my best in school and in my career.
10488702_630347460395292_289770966_n Photo Credits: Charlotte Burgon


Ashley Wright is a Junior Editor with FVM.

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