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Model Spotlight: L-J Breton

By Ashley Wright

10362177_859129277437049_842930563_n FVM got the chance to catch up with L-J Breton, the beautiful Aussie! This 5'9 green-eyed, blonde beauty has an alluring look that will keep you distracted for hours. Her presence holds the attention of the room gaining respect anywhere from the photographer to the caterers. She has an easy going and laid back personality, but, at the same time, strong-willed and knows what she wants. Beauty, strength, and goal-oriented, young ladies take note here: L-J is the role model you've been waiting for! Where do you currently call home?
As of a few weeks ago, I can officially call NYC home!
Besides Australia, where have you had the most fun living?
NY obviously!
1171804_1403228806584213_113686680_n Where's the most picturesque place you've done a photo shoot?
Paris and the south of France always make for incredible location shooting.
Looking back, which shoot/editorial do you think showed you perfectly?
Probably the first I ever did. ď10:15Ē for C-Heads Magazine†(NSFW), shot by Stephen Tilley. It was the most raw and organic experience shooting Iíve had to date.
Laura-Jade-by-Stephen-Tilley-for-C-Heads-Summer-Issue-29-17 Looking forward, what is your dream job?
I just want to be able to see more of the world. Any job that takes me to a place Iíve never been is a gift.
Who is your closest friend in the industry? How often do you get to work with her?
Sophie Endrey, the beautiful and talented brand manager of Ellery. We became friends while I was doing showroom for Ellery in Paris. Weíve been able to work a couple of times since together once in NY, and also at their show during Sydney fashion week.
When you have some free time from work, who do you spend that time with?
All the usual suspects--best friends, boyfriend, and family. †It really depends where I happen to be though. All the people I care most for, all travel a lot so its very circumstantial.
What's your idea of a perfect date?
Relaxed. Good food + good wine.
What approach should a guy use that will grab your attention?
As a general rule I would say, none, be yourself. However, all of my attention is already taken.
10413841_528301397269300_1734767794_n It's always best to be "at the right place at the right time." Where should a guy go to meet a girl like you?
I couldnít say. †Iím pretty low key, most of the time.
Many people think that models live extraordinary lives, but they enjoy normal things like everyone. What are some of your everyday hobbies?
I like making things. I do a lot of cooking and crafting. More recently Iíve been making dream catchers.
Can you share any nutrition and fitness tips?
Eat a seasonal, organic plant based diet. Love what you eat and develop a healthy relationship with food and your body. Find whatever exercise works for you, and do so accordingly. Staying in shape is basic maths and just means finding the balance between what you put in vs what you put out.
Can you share any beauty secrets for the everyday woman?
Less is more. I only use all organic, coconut oil, rose hip oil + varied essential oils (depending on what Iím trying to achieve) in my skin care. I use bicarbonate soda with a little water as a facial exfoliator and skin brightener, and raw cane sugar with coconut oil as a body exfoliant.
10467851_787753041248390_1850558606_n Do you play any sports?
I used to play a lot of tennis, but my shoulder ended up causing me a bit of grief and I stopped. I miss it a lot.
How were you discovered?
I was a few months shy of my 23rd birthday, working at a bar and basically decided it was now or never. I sent some photos to a local agency who I signed with; and, a few weeks later, the IMG scouts came through and I was signed worldwide. I consider myself very lucky and I'm incredibly grateful for the way in which my life changed thereafter.
If you weren't a model, what would you want to do?
Grow things, make things, and cook things.
Who or what inspires you he most?
My environment and the people I surround myself with. Inspiration comes from anything that comes with a positive energy or that challenges you to something new.
How do you prepare mentally for a shoot?
I donít know if I do? I like to know something about the background of the client or photographer to get an understanding of their aesthetic or mood but otherwise I just let it play out however it does.
Can you describe what was going through your mind during your first shoot?
I tried not to think too much about it. Over thinking often gets me into trouble. Maintaining a sense of humour about everything that was going on helped heaps and still does.
916420_638716842865685_1748669255_n Is there a story behind your wrist tattoo?
I wish I could say something profound, but it was as simple as my 2 best friends and I going out the night before and deciding over a bottle of wine that we would all get tattooed together the next day. All of my tattoo experiences have been shared with friends and, generally, with no more than 24 hours notice.
Fashion is all about creativity and identifying trends before they become trends. What do you think the next big thing in fashion will be?
I am the last person to advise here. I feel like most trends are just new takes on recycled ideas and stem from people who are confident in embracing a look they love and making adjustments so that it works for them.
What are some things your fans may not know about you that they would find surprising?
Iím half Indian. My mothers side of the family were all born in Bombay.
1741417_1401941413396140_996761484_n Photo Credits: Lauren-Jade Alexander-Breton, Stephen Tilley


Ashley Wright is a Junior Editor with FVM.

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