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Model Spotlight: Megan Irminger

By Ashley Wright

Athletic, spunky, outgoing, fun, glamorous are just a few words to describe this beautiful 5'10 blonde, blue-eyed, American angel! FVM was lucky enough to catch up with Megan Irminger, as she constantly is on the move--traveling the world spreading beauty and positive energy to the world! †What you see is what you get! A true to the grit American born girl who has it all! †Remember the name Megan Irminger. You'll be very sorry if you forget! Get in the game now and follow her success, if not she will run away, like the former college track athlete she was, and leave you in the dust!
Where do you currently call home?
Severna Park, Maryland.
Besides your birthplace, where have you had the most fun living?
I love living in New York City. It is so diverse and so much fun--a great place to be when your young!
Where's the most picturesque place you've done a photo shoot?
I shot in Fiji for a magazine and it was so stunning. Of course, we had to wake up before the sun to get the first shot, but it was totally worth it!
10268780_1447959422115143_122752476_n When you have some free time from work, who do you spend that time with?†
When I have free time from work, I spend my time studying--Iím in University full time--and at the gym. And, then, maybe seeing a few friends if I have time.
What's your idea of a perfect date?
My perfect date is pizza and a movie in sweats on the couch. I love to lounge and be really comfy. And, who doesnít love pizza?†Or, doing some kind of unique activity, like going apple picking upstate, or going to a murder mystery dinner show!
What approach should a guy use that will grab your attention?
This is going to sound really weird, but Iím a teeth girl. A guy's pearly whites really draw me to him. It's a turn off if a guy doesnít have straight white teeth, because I love to make people laugh and it would be nice to have a bright happy smile to look at!
It's always best to be "at the right place at the right time." Where should a guy go to meet a girl like you?
Iíve always thought a bookstore, coffee shop, or farmers market would be a great place to meet. Although, Iíve had a lot of run-ins in the supermarket recently, so maybe that's the spot!
10474966_630628290365874_1682658005_n Many people think that models live extraordinary lives, but they enjoy normal things like everyone. What are some of your everyday hobbies?
I love to bake, watch movies, and just be goofy with my girls.
Can you share any nutrition and fitness tips?
Okay, so I am very health conscious and all about the longevity. I try and workout 3-5 times a week, mainly an hour of cardio and ab work. Eating, I tend to go for a lot of seafood and chicken, as opposed to red meat. Lots of brown rice and fruits and veggies. I am also a strong believer in making your body happy, so if you want that cookie, girl, you eat that cookie. Just donít eat the whole tray. Also, hydrate hydrate hydrate! Drink lots of water! I try to make the only beverage I drink water, or almond milk and juice on occasion. And, if you are a smoothie drinker, limit the fruit and substitute it with green veggies--fruit has more sugar than you think!
10549843_261949477345315_376982091_n Can you share any beauty secrets for the everyday woman?
Moisturize every night and morning and drink lots of water. Also, sunscreen! Tanning is so bad for your skin!
We hear you were a star runner. Can you draw any parallels between being a cross-country runner and a fashion model?
Oh my, there are so many. Being a cross-country runner turned fashion model, I definitely brought my competition with me. I also found that running taught me dedication and self restriction, which has really helped me in fashion. Also, the runners' legs didnít hurt.
10554244_673293662748025_1626327674_n How were you discovered?
After my first year of college, my mother agent discovered me and took me to NYC straight away. The rest was history. It was perfect timing too, because I was injured due to over training for cross country and track at University, so I was very much in need of a new chapter in my life.
If you weren't a model, what would you want to do?
I would definitely want to be a psychologist in a mental hospital or jail and study the criminally insane. I am so interested in their minds and how they work.
Who or what inspires you the most?
I am so inspired by people who had to fight to get to where they are. And, by quotes on Pinterest--they get me every time!
How do you prepare mentally for a shoot?
Just gotta pull out my inner Sasha Fierce and have fun! And, lots of sleep. †Shoots can be extremely draining.
10684040_354597211362548_55360384_n Can you describe what was going through your mind during your first shoot?
When is lunch?
Fashion is all about creativity and identifying trends before they become trends. What do you think the next big thing in fashion will be?
Athletic sneakers matched with dressy casual. †And, it's so comfy!†Finally.
What are some things your fans may not know about you that they would find surprising? I am a huge†Star Wars fan! My ringtone is the opening theme and my text message sound is the Chewbacca roar. Also, Iím naming my puppy Chewbacca (Chewy for short!). Also, I have an amazing Indian accent. And, I can do the worm. 10546568_859485340747669_1351954759_n Photo†Credits: Megan Irminger  


Ashley Wright is a Junior Editor with FVM.

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