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Model Spotlight: Noel Berry

By Ashley Wright

Watch out fashion world! Noel Berry has hit the scene! FVM got the chance to chat with Ford Model Noel Berry, who has a look that will guarantee to melt your hearts. She has won us over and it won't be long until she takes over the world. We suggest you write her name down, memorize it, and follow her success--because Noel won't disappoint!
Where do you currently call home?
I currently call New York home.  It's where I spend the majority of my time.
Besides your birthplace, where have you had the most fun living?
Besides my birthplace, I have had the most fun living in New York. I love it here.
10354575_784637931560505_618771276_n Where's the most picturesque place you've done a photo shoot?
Probably upstate New York--in this field of flowers, at sunset.
Which shoot/editorial do you think showed you perfectly?
I think any shoot where I can smile, laugh, and be goofy really shows me best.
923628_296388067195179_848918844_n Who is your closest friend in the industry? How often do you get to work with her?
My closest friend in the industry is my sister; and we have got to work together a couple times.
1538402_730098353721797_423950093_n When you have some free time from work, who do you spend that time with?
My sister and friends!
What's your idea of a perfect date?
My idea of the perfect date is doing something different. Not just the typical movies and dinner date. Something fun, where you can get to know each other. And, getting flowers would be a nice touch.
What approach should a guy use that will grab your attention?
Just to be genuine and sweet.
It's always best to be "at the right place at the right time." Where should a guy go to meet a girl like you?
Anywhere where there is good food, haha.
10554222_1521581678077271_1368129504_n Many people think that models live extraordinary lives, but they enjoy normal things like everyone. What are some of your everyday hobbies?
I really enjoy running and Pilates!
We read that the best piece of advice from your dad was to remain true to yourself. What is the best piece of advice from your mom?
This is so hard, because my mom gives me endless advice.  But, I'd have to say one of the best is to always do what makes you happy. She supports and encourages me with everything that I've ever wanted to do.
Can you share any nutrition and fitness tips?
I like to work out at least 4-5 days out of the week, even if it's just going for a quick run. I eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and protein. But, I have my cheat days too of course.
Can you share any beauty secrets for the everyday woman?
I think a really simple beauty secret is just drinking lots of water and eating clean. You wouldn't believe the change it makes in your skin and hair.
10576160_248898141988007_1752248603_n Do you play any sports?
I used to play soccer. I don't currently play any sports, unless it's just for fun.
How were you discovered?
I was discovered by a small agency on Facebook.  They sent my pictures into Ford; and that is how Ford discovered me!
10608036_1452130738387325_19611093_n If you weren't a model, what would you want to do?
If I weren't a model, I would want to be physical therapist or a pediatrician.
Who or what inspires you the most?
Candice Swanepoel really inspires me.
How do you prepare mentally for a shoot?
Just by getting good rest and being ready to turn yourself into whatever the client wants you to portray.
10570050_1444362312512782_1209233780_n Photo Credits: Noel Berry


Ashley Wright is a Junior Editor with FVM.

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