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"How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are" Review

By Victoria Ruiz


How to be Parisian Wherever You Areis a book written by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas.This book makes you think of being Parisian in a very complex way. Paris is known as the city of love and lights. Fashion sits at a high pedestal to all Parisians as well as to me.

This is the perfect book to explain How to be Parisian. The title suits the book itself, it is the perfect description for the book. In this book it explains the love, style and bad habits of the Parisian.

As I read page by page I got intrigued in an instant. I absolutely adore Paris as well as Parisians; for a book to describe how to be Parisian is my dream book. I read the book very very fast in a short period of just two days because of how amazing and well written it was.

The lifestyle choices for everyone in the world are different depending on your unique culture. For me, the Parisian lifestyle choice is the most interesting because they face lifeís challenges head-on.

After I read this book all I wanted to do was practice what I learned! First you need to take care of yourself and always put on your moisturizer. The simply chic Parisian and her messy hair is what defines her unique style. Her natural make up, with an accent of bright red†Dior Addict Lipstick†and if necessary†Yes Saint Laurent Touche …clat Concealer†is†trŤs chic. When using foundation remember to always mix it with a touch of moisturizer before applying it to your skin. Iíve come to a conclusion that everything Parisians do has a specific purpose. Their love life is complicated and very risky at times but in the end they always manage to make it work for themselves.

Even though Parisians might be known to have bad habits itís what makes them unique. From their lavish dinner parties to their love for Paris, Parisians are the ones to be. I have to admit Iím not really much of a reader, although in some rare occasions a specific book does catch my attention. After reading this book its definitely become my favorite book to this day. As you read this book your imagination takes you away to the wonderful city of Paris imagining different scenarios as you are the Parisian yourself.


Victoria Ruiz is a fashion blogger who's interest in fashion came at a very early age due to all her travels around the world. The culture and experience she received traveling to all those places made her interest in the fashion industry grow more and more everyday. She began researching about fashion and reading many books to help her gain knowledge about the industry. In May of 2014, Victoria Ruiz started her own blog which would end up being named Unedited Society. You can connect with Victoria on social media: Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest.

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