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Why You Should Support the CFDA & Vogue Fashion Fund

By Victoria Ruiz


In Tim Gunn’s point of view, an Emmy Award winning co-host and mentor for Lifetime’s Project Runway, “Life is not a solo act. It’s a huge collaboration, and we all need to assemble around us the people who care about us and support us in times of strife.” The CFDA foundation is a non-profit organization, which was created to raise funds for charity and the activities of the fashion industry. With your support to the CFDA & Vogue fashion fund you can help lead to an investment for the future of fashion in which the fund will award money, provide exposure and resources toward up and coming designers so they can create their own brand. Many careers are being launched by this extraordinary fund, giving people a chance they never thought was possible. The benefits that are provided to all are just another reason why we should support it.

By supporting the CFDA & Vogue fashion fund you can help benefit the careers of the recipients. With the support that has been provided the program has granted about $2.8 million to 24 design companies, some of the winners include Joseph AltuzarraAlexander WangProenza Schouler, and runners-up Prabal Gurung3.1 Phillip LimDerek Lam, Rodarte and Thakoon. Information based off of Teen Vogue, a world renowned fashion magazine, recipient Alexander Wang won the CFDA & Vogue Fashion Fund in 2008, and was awarded by a $20,000 award to expand his business. Supporting this fund means you get to help launch careers of ingenious people. With the support from the fund it benefits not only the recipient but also many other people. By creating a new brand it helps create more jobs for people to work. Everyone should be aware of this fund because it has brought new masterminds that no one even knew were out there. To shape the industry you have to take actions in order to make a difference.

By supporting the CFDA & Vogue fashion fund you have the power to help shape the industry. The award money given to those who are selected gives all of them the tools to create their own brand. Winners of the fund receive full exposure of their work and get recognized by the most prestige people in the industry because of the support they have received. This proves how the next generation of fashion can shape the industry from all the CFDA & Vogue fashion fund has to offer. The purpose of this generates income each year to fund awards to many designers and provides business mentoring which is beneficial in the final product of the designers. To invest in this fund means the investments made towards the fund does not only progress the evolution of the fashion industry but the progression of the economy itself.

In conclusion, we should all support the CFDA & Vogue fashion fund because you can help benefit the careers of the recipients and you have the power to help shape the industry. The CFDA & Vogue Fashion fund is proven to be an investment for the future of fashion. If you were able to make someone’s dream come true by supporting a fund, would you?


Victoria Ruiz is a fashion blogger who's interest in fashion came at a very early age due to all her travels around the world. The culture and experience she received traveling to all those places made her interest in the fashion industry grow more and more everyday. She began researching about fashion and reading many books to help her gain knowledge about the industry. In May of 2014, Victoria Ruiz started her own blog which would end up being named Unedited Society. You can connect with Victoria on social media: Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest.

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